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Headway Steuerberatung GmbH


Services we are delighted to provide for you!

Expert advice is the cornerstone of a company’s competitiveness. The increasing complexity and ongoing evolution of fiscal and tax legislation have simply overwhelmed many taxpayers. Headway is here to provide qualified and dependable support. As your advisor in all tax-related issues, we are pleased to assume responsibility for individual duties in the field of taxes and duties alongside your current bookkeeping , payroll accounting and preparation of the financial statements. This includes acting as your representative before the tax authorities.

Our clients include companies as well as private persons, national and international corporations, private trusts, holding companies, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB's), freelance professionals such as lawyers, medical practitioners, artists, athletes, self employed individuals across all industries, companies in the tourist and recreational industry, property owners, company founders and successors, and corporate bodies under public law ranging from municipalities to state governments.

Our experts continually update their knowledge to ensure a constant level of up-to-dateness in these subject areas

We help you make headway!

Fields of Activity

  • Digital entry and accounting of your business transactions
  • Ongoing reconciliation of accounts
  • Administration of outstanding receivables and payables
  • Organisation of your accounting system
  • Provision of regular updates on your business performance
  • Preparation of short-term profit and loss accounts
  • Period-specific distinction of e.g. supplementary payments, depreciation, etc.
  • Ongoing accounting support by phone and e-mail
  • Source document pickup and delivery service
  • ABC analysis of customers and suppliers
  • Development of individual as well as international accounting-based reports (IFRS)
Payroll Accounting
  • Ongoing accounting of personnel expenses
  • Charging of overtime, bonuses and travel expenses
  • Calculation of labor taxes
  • Enrollment and cancellation of employees to health insurance funds
  • Calculation of vacation, holiday, and sick pay
  • Review of travel expense reports and identification of components that are subject to tax and social security contributions
  • Support in context of wage tax, municipal tax or social security audits
  • Tips concerning letters of reference
  • Clarification of uncertainties concerning labor law, tax law, and social security law
  • Online-connection to social security agencies and tax offices
  • Comprehensive consultation on payroll tax and social security law in connection with the establishment of employment relationships (e.g. employment contracts, special-order contracts, freelance contracts)
  • Comprehensive consultation on payroll tax and social security law in connection with employment contracts, shop agreements, the interpretation of collective bargaining agreements, and in cooperation with law firms
Tax Consultancy
  • Tax organisation and planning
  • Preparation and administration of tax returns
  • Ongoing tax consulting
  • Consulting in tax proceedings
International Tax Consultancy
  • International location and tax planning
  • Consulting on transfer pricing structuring
  • Structuring taxes to optimise dividends, interest and royalties
  • Support with investment and participation decisions
  • Integration of holding structures
  • Structuring of groups of companies
  • International restructuring, selling and purchasing of companies
  • Consulting on the tax-exempt disposal of foreign participations
  • Consulting on tax exemptions in context of profit distribution
  • Support in the design of cash pooling concepts
  • Integration of private trusts in holding structures
  • Consulting on employee deployment, expatriate services
  • Assisting in resolving one-off special issues
Management Consultancy
  • Business planning
  • Corporate finance and capital budgeting calculations
  • Disposals and restructuring
  • Introduction of management information systems
  • Introduction of finance- and accounting-based management tools
Start-up Consultancy
  • Feasibility analysis of your business idea
  • Collaborative development of a concept
  • Preparation of a methodically considered business plans
  • Consulting on your choice of legal form
  • Discussion of a corporation perspective (e.g. road map to becoming a private limited company)
  • Consulting with regard to subsidies for start-ups
  • Consulting on social-security issues
  • Support in financial matters and bank negotiations
Hotel Advisory Services
  • Tax organisation and planning
  • Finance and accounting
  • Business Planning
  • Payroll accounting
  • Support in hotel acquisitions and sales
  • Our partner: www.h-a-m.at
Company Succession Support
  • Timely succession recommendations
  • Consulting in case of succession
  • Provision of comprehensive information
  • Brainstorming
  • Preparation of target agreements
  • Team formation
  • Drawing up of a timetable
  • Consideration of alternatives and potential future scenarios
  • Development of a strategic business plan in reconciliation with detailed, operative plans
  • Process facilitation and coordination
  • Transitionary support

Headway Steuerberatung GmbH

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