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Start-up Consultancy

Do you want to set up a business? Here you can find out what needs to be considered when starting a business and how your start-up will fare: Information on taxes, social security and legal structure.


Our range of services

Let’s suppose you have a superb idea – we will accompany you from that initial business idea to its inception and your vision will become reality!

We have acquired the appropriate know-how for many of the challenges that can arise when setting up a company and we will provide you with professional support at all stages of the implementation of your idea. We have a tailor-made solution for companies of all sizes.

Comprehensive start-up planning involves all areas of business.

The choice of the legal structure of your company will be of particular importance

This decision involves not only tax issues but also social security and trade law issues. Therefore, take advantage of our professional advice in good time and plan your path to self-employment together with us in detail, so that your start-up will also be crowned with success.

What we offer you

  • Feasibility analysis of your business idea
  • Collaborative concept development
  • Preparation of a carefully considered business plan
  • Comprehensive advice on your choice of legal structure from a tax perspective
  • Comprehensive advice on funding for start-ups
  • Comprehensive advice on social security issues
  • Support in financial matters and bank negotiations
With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy
With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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